Courtney Leigh Gibbons, Dancer

“I had never sang on my own in front of anyone before starting singing lessons with Rob. At first I was petrified to even stand up and sing a single note. I had no confidence in myself. Rob understood my position and supported me with my confidence and made me believe in myself and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for what he has done for me. Not only is he a great mentor, he knows everything there is to know about the voice and singing. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better teacher. HE IS AMAZING!!!”


Naomi Albans, Actress.

“I have been having lessons with Rob for a couple of years. He has rebuilt my confidence, as I’ve not sung for a while. He is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to technique and getting the best from you. My repertoire has improved and so has my knowledge and control of my voice.

I would highly recommend him!”


Bethany Kerrigan, Actor

“I have always been quite nervous when it comes to singing but from my first lesson with Rob, his personable approach really put me at ease. He took the time to find out about me & what obstacles I feel like I need to overcome. With each new exercise Rob shows me, he fully explains how it contributes to improving my voice which I find extremely beneficial. I can’t wait to continue learning & building my confidence with the help of such a supportive tutor like Rob.”

Emma Crook, Actress

“I came to Rob with next to no knowledge of what technique was required when singing. However now, I feel like I have a strong awareness of how to implement the technique into both legit and contemporary, and how to control my breathing in both these styles.”

Ashley Smith, Teacher

“Rob is great to learn with. He creates a relaxed and friendly lesson environment and is always happy to try new ways to help me get the best from my voice. His technical skills mean that he always has a different way to try and achieve results.

I always really appreciate when Rob has taken the time to think and find a song that he feel will suit my voice but also challenge me so that I progress; since having lessons with Rob I have definitely noticed an improvement and because of this I enjoy singing so much more!”

Bethany-Jo Clews, Actress.
“I am primarily an actor and I needed to find a singing teacher that understood the business and what is required for certain auditions. Because of Rob’s background he provides excellent teaching and advice and I have learnt so much about technique since having lessons. He has great deals on singing packages and always works around your schedule to fit you in. I would recommend to any actor/actress”
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