Singing Lessons

Technique ¦ Performance ¦ Audition Prep ¦ Vocal Health ¦ Repetoire

With Rob’s style of teaching you put at ease and encouraged to explore and play with the voice. Rob will help you to understand how to use your instrument to get the best from it to unlock your full potential.

Students are always hearing terms such as Belt, Twang, Tilt, Support but never know what they are or how to apply them. With Rob you can understand all these terms and begin to work them into your voice to unlock your full ability.

If you are interested in starting lesson in Musical Theatre, Pop, Legit, or Spoken voice please get in touch to arrange a time that suits you. Lessons are taught from Rob’s home studio in Poynton and Manchester City Centre. 


£40 for 1 Hour

£30 for Half Hour

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